God Is Closer Than You Think
In this six-session group Bible study, John Ortberg helps you to discover and enjoy a vibrant, moment-by-moment relationship with God the Father. Ortberg reveals the face of God waiting to be discovered in the complex mosaic of your life. Sessions: 1. God’s Great Desire for People 2. Where is God in My World? 3. Partnering with God Today 4. Listening to the Voice of God 5. God Wants a Relationship with You 6. Heaven Breaking Through
Module 1 Session One
Intimacy with God can happen right now a closeness you can feel, a reality you can experience for yourself. God is closer than you think, and connecting with him isn't the exclusive domain of monks and ascetics. It's for business people, high school students, busy moms, single men, single women and most important, it's for YOU. In this session, you will learn how God reveals himself to you and that he is always with you, whether you feel his presence or not.
Unit 1 God’s Great Desire for People  
Module 2 Session Two
Session Two
Unit 1 Where Is God In My World?2  
Module 3 Session Three
Session Three
Unit 1 Listening To The Voice of God 2  
Module 4 Session Four
Session Four
Unit 1 Partnering With God Today 2  
Module 5 Session Five
Session Five
Unit 1 God Wants A Relationship With You 2  
Module 6 Session Six
Session Six
Unit 1 Heaven Breaking Through  

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