Member Testimonials

Here's what South Calvary members are saying about our church

We are a church that loves to worship together with friends and family because that's who we are, FAMILY. And we show love to whomever walks through our doors.

Karen Woodall 

I need church therapy. I'm coming to get healed by a message from God, through our Pastor. It's really helping me.

Annie Morris 

Even though I’m a very new member at SCMBC the Holy Spirit’s presence is always present! The fellowship between the membership is awesome! The preached word is truly taught, explained and understood!❤️

Darlene Ballinger 

South Calvary is the only church that I know. This was my family church with the Bryant's being very active in all phases of this church. We are a very caring and loving church.

Normajo Moore 

It's been my experience here at South Calvary that I've been loved beyond measure. I love my church family.

Teresa Graham 

When I first came to South Calvary, I could feel the love of Christ. I believe God led me her to serve under a pastor who truly loves and teaches God's Word.

Rev. Tommy Birnell 

I enjoy coming to South Calvary and I love my church family. I enjoy being a door keeper.

Wanda McCormick 

I love my church

Toni Ellis 

South Calvary is a big family no matter what you go through. South Calvary will always be there for you.

Kaylee Birnell 

I love my pastor and my church family. I've been a member for over 50 years and I don't want to go any other place.

Joan Harden 

South Calvary is a family-based church. Pastor Woodall is accessible 24/7 if you need him. The church family is Awesome.

Claudette Tillman 

South Calvary has made my journey to my well-done clear on the direction I should go. Outstanding leadership, love, and peace are here.

Rev. Donald Fuqua 

Testimony is the love and compassion of the members of SCMBC Church family. Another testimony is how I heal so fast.

Rae Quarles 

South Calvary is a church where love is shown from the time you enter the doors until you leave. You will truly be filled with the Word of God.

Ophelia Birnell 

Walking my path on my Christian journey, I stopped, walking, talking, and understanding where God was leading me. One day I got my directions (Divine GPS) to find my way home. (I found SCMBC)

Sandra McKenzie 

They are so sweet and they are loving.

Danyell Moore 

South Calvary is a very family-oriented church family. We always laugh together and cry together. Here you won't ever have to feel alone.

Janelle Woodall 

The South Calvary worship experience is awesome. The fellowship is wonderful. I encourage all to come and join in this wonderful experience.

Ron McKenzie 

South Calvary is the best church I've been to. The pastor , he is very honest about everything he says. You can vent to this church and it's really fun.

Kendall Miller 

South Calvary is more than a church, we are a family. So much love here.

Jordan Woodall 

I feel blessed to be surrounded by my loving church family in every circumstance of my life. Their continual prayers are appreciated. Much love and blessings.

Barbara Russell 

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