We’re Very Glad You’re Here

Thank you for following up with us.  We hope that you have seen that South Calvary is working hard to become a church that is growing.  However, as the Pastor, I believe we must grow in quality before quantity.  I am convinced that if we focus our attention on growing God’s sheep spiritually then He will ensure that we grow numerically.  So, if you might be interested in traveling this Christian journey with us, here are some tools to help lead your decision.Blessed and Assured,

Re. John W. Woodall, Jr., Pastor

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We made a weekly information email that answers come common questions that people often are “Just Wondering” about this Christian walk.  You are invited to subscribe by clicking the button above. If you would like direction to South Calvary just click this button. If you would like to learn more about South Calvary, click this button and I will introduce you to our church via email.